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Multi-Passenger Bus/Van Accidents

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Pursuing Compensation for Injury Victims

Most people are unaware that 15-passenger vans pose a special and significant risk of accidents. At The Law Offices of Marc L. Shapiro, P.A., we know the risk and we can know what can be done about it. Our team of personal injury lawyers helps people throughout Florida who were injured in 15-passenger van accidents recover the financial compensation they deserve.

The More Passengers, the Greater the Rollover Risk

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) first warned the public about the dangers posed by 15-passenger vans in 2001. Vans loaded with 10 or more occupants have a rollover rate nearly three times the rate of vans carrying fewer than five occupants.


Too Dangerous for School Children

These vans are considered so dangerous, federal law prohibits their use by schools to transport children in grades K-12. Yet no such law prevents their use to transport college students, or members of community groups, YMCAs, daycare centers, senior centers or other groups. Fifteen passenger vans are frequently used as airport shuttles and for church groups and business groups.


These dangerous vehicles are popular with a wide range of organizations because any licensed driver can drive a 15-passenger van. No commercial driver’s license is required.


If you were injured in a 15-passenger van accident, please contact our Florida law firm for quality legal advice and effective representation. Our attorneys represent injury victims throughout Florida from our offices in Naples.


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