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Inadequate Security Puts People at Risk

What can you do if you were sexually assaulted in a place that should have been safe? If the property owner or manager’s failure to provide adequate security led to the attack, the personal injury attorneys at Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. can help you hold them accountable. Do not believe that your attack was all your fault and stand up for your right to recover damages from the responsible parties.


It Wasn’t Your Fault

Our compassionate injury lawyers understand that you may be scared, ashamed and angry if you were sexually assaulted in a motel, hotel, shopping mall, public restroom, apartment complex, parking garage, restaurant or other public or residential place. Law enforcement will bring your attacker to justice: we want to help you get full recovery from the manager or owner who failed to provide adequate security.


Sexual assault can involve serious injuries and emotional trauma. If inadequate security contributed to or failed to prevent your attack, we can help you get the compensation you need for your pain and suffering, any professional counseling or treatment that may be needed, lost wages from missing work, and other losses you had as a result.


Do not let your voice go unheard or your needs go unmet. We can assist you in getting the help you need and explain your legal rights if your sexual assault was the result of inadequate security.


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