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Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip & Fall Injuries

While a slip-and-fall accident is an extremely common type of premises liability accident, there are many other types of accidents where a property owner could be considered liable. These accidents may include a porch or deck collapse, impact injuries, or an assault due to insufficient security. Other premises liability accidents that can occur due to a property owners’ negligence includes:


• Unsafe stairways
• Insufficient lighting
• Falling debris
• Falling retail merchandise
• Wet or icy floors
• Cracked, uneven, or unsafe sidewalks or walkways
• Lose hand railings
• Negligent security
• Faulty wiring
• Explosions, fires, and other accidents in apartment complexes or hotels
• Injuries due to criminal acts enabled by negligent security or poor lighting
• Amusement and water park accidents
• Swimming pool accidents
• On-the-job accidents


When we handle a premises liability matter, we approach each and every element of your case meticulously and strategically. We strive to prove property owner negligence and obtain compensation for victims.


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