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Catastrophic Accidents

Catastrophic Accidents


A catastrophic injury is a serious injury that results in loss of limb or physical function, loss of mental ability, or chronic debilitating pain. After a catastrophic injury, victims are often unable to return to their jobs — they may require vocational rehabilitation to be able to work at all.


Our Personal Injury Law Firm handles serious injury claims involving:


  • Head and brain injuries including those due to lack of oxygen to the brain and those caused by a blow to the head.
  • Traumatic brain injuries ranging from mild to moderate to severe. The ramifications can include memory loss, cognitive impairment, and personality changes.
  •  Neck & Back Injuries: These can range from debilitating disc injuries to paralysis.
  •  Electrical accidents can result in internal and external burns throughout the body.
  •  Spinal Cord Injuries: When the spinal cord is damaged paralysis (paraplegia, hemiplegia, quadriplegia) can change your life forever.
  •  Broken Bones/Internal Injury: Severe fractures and damage to organs can require multiple surgeries and long periods of rehabilitation.
  •  Burn Injuries: Accidental fires, explosions, electrical charge and chemical exposure are some of the causes of burn injuries. Recovery can be long and painful, often requiring skin grafts and reconstructive surgery.
  •  Very specific types of injuries are linked to certain types of auto defects.
  •  Power tools, vehicles and industrial machinery can all lead to serious injuries and death.
  •  Sexual Assault/Inadequate Security: A property owner’s negligence may have contributed to the attack that injured you.
  •  Wrongful Death: Our lawyers represent the survivors of those who died because of another’s negligence or carelessness.
  •  Life Care Planning: We consult with medical experts and economists to determine the life-time costs of catastrophic injuries.



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